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About Us - Home and Office Movers in El Paso

About Us

We offer budget friendly Office Movers in El Paso and surrounding areas. We don't hire dishonest people. Don't fall prey to a dishonest moving company. Choose a business you can trust in your home or office. "Don't Make A Move Without Us!" 

How do we compare?

What you may expect to pay with the competition is higher prices for the same service. Let us explain. A typical moving company charges several different rates based on the time of day and day of week. We are often less expensive then they are any day and time of week. Who doesn't want the same friendly service for less? That is our flat hourly rate business model. 


What should you do to save?

Packing small items may seem easy, but it can be more time consuming then you expected. This results in higher moving costs. A common theme is hiring several movers for what ends up being a two day move. The cost for this can add up north of what some people pay for their monthly mortgage. 

We give you this information so you can save and to help you alleviate some of the financial burden associated with your move. When you choose us, you can focus on more important things like how much you saved by boxing and labeling your own items. We will take care of the rest, like loading your boxes and your heavier items such as furniture and appliances.